Dreadlocks are not just a hairstyle, they are a lifestyle.

I can help you on your journey with professional installation and maintenience.

I create well sectioned, well groomed and even temporary dreadlock styles

Layla Dudley

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The past couple years business, as well as wearing extensions, and finally starting my own natural set of dreads from scratch have taught me so much about the process of dread formation and I'm always eager to share my knowledge and educate my clients.  I offer a number of different dreadlock services and am always learning new things inspired by my diverse and daring clientle!


I use and sell Knotty Boy products!

Natural Dreads

I have been fascinated by dreadlock styles for years and in fact, it has been one of the main driving forces on my journey into hair.  For natural dreadlock services, I use a variety of methods which I will recommend to you based on the density, curl pattern, and relative amount of chemical damage to your hair.

What I offer as a natural dread "installation" is really akin to a dread seeding process.  The process of forming mature locks is just that - a process.  It takes lots of work on the part of the dread client to do the regular maintenance necessary to form nicely groomed locks.  It can take anywhere from 6 10 18 months for locks to mature depending on hair type, but mainly on how much time one spends on care.  So that you have a better idea of what is involved, I'm posting my aftercare instructions here:

Dreadlock Aftercare & Maintenance

The Locking Appointment

I use a three step process to start your locks off right:

1. Section and Backcomb - This is the crucial step that often separates professional work from DIY or just didn’t brush.  Using my experience as a loctitian, I determine the size and uniformity of the sections, and create a natural lay to the locks with no odd parts or “splits” between rows.
2. Felting - In this step, I use a felting needle to instantly compress and create knots in the backcombed section.
3. Waxing - Finally to smooth down the overall appearance of the new locks, I apply wax matching the color of your hair and melt it with a blow drier.

There is a wealth of information on the internet that will both praise and decry all these methods that I use and I am aware of that.  I simply use what has worked well for me personally and my always growing clientele who are overjoyed with their results.

A free consultation is required for this service.

Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

Dreadock extensions are really my signature look.  They started as a costuming experiment and ended up as a way of life...

They are durable, reusable, reshapable and most importantly, they do not damage the length or integrity of your real hair.  The initial cost for dreadlock extensions includes the price of custom made dreadlock pieces plus the labor to braid them in, but once the style is established, it lasts for 2-3 months and the only cost to maintain is braiding.

Synthetic dreads can also be installed permanently.

Finally you can wear dreadlocks as a semi-permanent style in a rainbow of colors that don’t fade, and en endless amount of shapes and lengths to choose from!

A free consultation is required for these services and a deposit is necessary to begin construction of dreadlocks and reserve your time with me at the salon.

Dreadlock Removal

Are your dreads becoming a dredzaster?  Hold off on the clipper cut - I can help!  I can work with dreaddies who are ready to move on from their locks to remove and comb out as much hair as possible and create a short stylish cut with the remainder of the hair left.

A free consultation is required for this service.


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Melissa loves her new dreads!

Layla wearing firey, curly orange extensions

Felicia opted to dread half her hair and leave a large fringe for styling options.

Moi as the ocean goddess

Liv adds 8 blue green long dreads to the mix

Dash had dreads that were out of control, so we cut most of the length and created a cute, razored short look.

Layla twirling in blacklight reactive dreads

Dreads were combed out of Teresa's hair to give her a great new look

Victoria's brown with burgundy, blonde and purple synth dreads are now a permanent look!

Raymond before and after new dreads

Layla in phoinex - inspired extensions

Moi as the ocean goddess

Moi as the ocean goddess

Layla wearing firey, curly orange extensions, w/ bleached roots

Chris's new locks

Layla in rainbow extensions

Carmen's new dreads are ready to rock!

Zsa Zsa is sizzlin in dreadlock extensions

Layla rocks in Platinum extensions

Serene dread repair

Melissa's new dreads

Black and aqua dreads look great on Josh.

Kylas is overjoyed with some root tightening on her 10 year old locs

Layla wearing firey, curly orange extensions

Brittney before and after dread restructuring.

Great looking new dreaddies on Annie!

Molly is thrilled with her new dreads!

Harley looks festival ready in her extensions

Jen looks great with her new dreads

Tyler before and after dreads

Layla with human hair dreads on glued in tracks

Layla in rainbow extensions

Alyssa was done with her dreaddy look, so we combed out her 2 year old extensions and did some great color!

Eron before and after new dreads

Beth's dreads look great in natural reds!

Talia's Dreads - enhanced!

Nate's new dreads

Kati looks great in platinum, brown and burgundy synthetic dreads.

Zsa Zsa is sizzlin in dreadlock extensions